Rain Scald

Also known as Rain Rot, this is a bacterial infection caused by the bacteria called Dermatophilus Congolensis which possess many fungal characteristics. It is the same organism that causes mud fever. The Bacteria does well in wet conditions and is usually found along the back and flanks.  This condition is often seen in Autumn and Winter months and sometimes rugs can make the problem worse as it provides a warm humid environment for the bacteria to thrive.


Again this is highly contagious and often affects horses with a compromised immune system. The spores enter through damaged skin where they gain entry into the underlying sensitive layer of skin known as the epidermis and branches outward to cause the signs associated with Rain Scald. The infection causes varying degrees of pruritus, the skin produces a discharge which dries and matts the hair, this then crusts over forming a scab. When these crusts lift the underlying tissue is pink and moist which occasionally can bleed.